Using Facebook as a Remarketing Tool

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing, or retargeting, stimulates interest in an existing product or service which your potential customers have either visited or displayed some degree of engagement in the past.

This could mean someone who has recently visited your site or Facebook page but has been possibly interrupted or non-committed – such as abandoning the shopping cart just before making a conversion.

One of the greatest advantages of a remarketing strategy is that the advertisements are targeted to previous visitors and are tailored to a product or service that they may genuinely be interested in, based on past browsing behaviour. This can drive visitors to your site and potentially recapture your customers’ attention.

A Suitable Strategy

The first step is analysing your data. From here you can target particular groups that have shown consideration of a product. This can apply to visitors who have viewed a single page to people who have withdrawn from the final shopping cart stage as mentioned above.

Rather than have a generic ad for all, you can apply an ad per product. For example if you have 20 products, you would have a customised advertisement for each and every one. This way you are making the experience unique to the user.

With remarketing campaigns, it is inevitable that you will duplicate costs in your pay per clicks, but you have a higher chance for conversions as the customers have been somewhat ‘sourced’ already.

The Advantage of Using Facebook

Facebook remarketing targets visitors who have already visited your site or Facebook page and providing them with an advertisement that is relevant to their needs. The beauty of using Facebook is that that audience has already been established, the pages and posts that they have ‘liked’ and their online habits already accounted for.

You can create advertisements using Facebook’s ad platform, targeting many different demographics using precise interest targeting or broad category targeting as an example. These same ads when displayed in Facebook result in higher conversions due to the use of product images and or branding.

Another aspect of Facebook advertising is Facebook Exchange (FBX). FBX is real time bidding for remarketing Facebook ads. These ads are highly customisable allowing you to target users who have made actions outside of Facebook. Marketers can then apply tracking cookies across their pages in order that they can retarget the same users with personalised advertisements once they log back into Facebook.


Using Google AdWords

Similar to the way FBX works, Google AdWords allows for tracking cookies to monitor people who display enough interest in your content. Using a simple snippet in conjunction with a Google Analytics account you can track returning visitors of each page.

You need to link your existing AdWords account with your Analytics one in order to configure. Once synchronised, you can set up Remarketing Lists via the remarketing tab within the Admin section. Within this section you can choose to monitor people who visited specific pages or sections of a site, those who complete a conversion goal or create a custom remarketing type. Of course, you can set up the same Remarketing Lists within your AdWords account.

Possible Issues Such as Privacy

Not all customers would be entirely satisfied with being targeted for remarketing. You run the risk of alienating some of the people who have already purchased and continue to do so. Some may also be concerned with privacy matters if they are continually seeing an advertisement for a product or service that they have only looked at in the past. Worse still if they actually bought it. While it is inevitable that visitors will see campaigns in one form or another, they might not actually want to see it. Being bombarded may in turn put them off.

Still, people need to be informed about online advertising and how it works to some degree. It is worth noting that visitors of your site or page have interacted with what you have projected in the past. There is a greater likelihood of them reestablishing their interest if targeted. Facebook remarketing is a reasonably cost effective and personalised strategy and worthy of consideration.